Après le libre-échange

Après le libre-échange – Quel commerce international face aux défis écologiques, de Mathilde Dupré et Samuel Leré – Préface de Nicolas Hulot et Philippe Frémeaux – Edition Les Petits matins, Fondation Nicolas Hulot, Institut Veblen, Septembre 2020 – 105 pages Comment faire pour que la viande que nous consommons ne


The slaves of the anthropocene

Les esclaves de l'anthropocène - Petrodollar, intérêts financiers, manipulation de masse, by Nicolas Teterel - Editions Yves Michel, 3 June 2020 - 324 Pages Nicolas Teterel defends the thesis that our system of monetary creation through interest-bearing debt obliges us mathematically to generate new debts more


An ecological currency to save the planet

Une monnaie écologique pour sauver la planète, by Alain Grandjean and Nicolas Dufrêne - Preface by Nicolas Hulot - Editions Odile Jacob, 26 February 2020 - 280 Pages The climate emergency is facing a formidable financing problem. No conventional financial strategy is capable of rapidly mobilising the considerable sums of money that are needed to meet the challenge.


The economics of nature

L'économie de la nature d'Alain Deneault - LUX Editeur, septembre 2019 - 142 Pages The expression "économie de la nature" appeared in the vocabulary of science in the 18th century long before the neologism "ecology" came to us, more than a century and a half later.


Fossil Capitalism

Fossil Capitalism From the farce of COPs to climate engineering by Jean-Marc Sérékian Editions Utopia, May 2019 - 264 Pages Twenty-four years of COPs. For a quarter of a century, climate negotiations have been virtually stalled while GHG emissions continue to rise. How can we explain this

environmental resources

Economics of natural resources

Economics of natural resources / Third edition of Gilles Rotillon Edition La Découverte - Collection Repères, May 23, 2019 - 128 Pages Today, the quest for sustainable development is at the heart of concerns. This updated book presents the economic concepts and theories dealing with the management of these resources.

Overheating Earth

The Earth is overheating

La Terre est en surchauffe : L'impact de la mondialisation et des multinationales sur notre planète, by André Cayol Edition L'Harmattan - 224 Pages Albert Einstein said: "You don't solve a problem with the ways of thinking that created it. "In the cosmos, the Earth seems the only planet

rare metals

The Rare Metal War

La guerre des métaux rares - La face cachée de la transition énergétique et numérique, by Guillaume Pitron - Preface by Hubert Védrine Edition Les Liens qui libèrent, January 2018 - 296 Pages Energy transition, digital revolution, ecological change... Politicians, media, industrialists promise us in chorus a new world at last...


A short manual for accelerating cultural (and behavioural) change for organizations.

Petit manuel d'accélération de transformation culturelle (et comportementale) à destination des organisations, by Yann Viot and Béatrice Lecerf Edition Diateino, January 2018 How to accelerate the cultural transformation of an organisation? This little manual is a proposed answer for all operational managers of business units and



Permaéconomie, by Emmanuel Delannoy Editions Wildproject / Collection " Le monde qui vient ", September 2016 - 192 Pages Faire équipe avec la vie " Protéger la nature par notre activité économique ? It is not only possible, but necessary. An industrial revolution is underway, based on a new relationship with living things. Emmanuel Delannoy

income base

Basic income: how to finance it?

Basic income: how to finance it? Panorama des modalités de financement - Collective coordinated by Jean-Éric Hyafil and Thibault Laurentjoye Editions Yves Michel 2016 - 192 Pages After "Basic Income: a tool for building the 21st century". This second volume presents the many concrete proposals for