Misuse of science

Détournement de science - Etre scientifique au temps du libéralisme, by Jean-Marie Vigoureux - Edition écosociété, 28 May 2020 - 215 Pages Is scientific development responsible for the destruction of nature, biodiversity, climate change and pollution? Science is increasingly

quantum physics

Schrödinger at the beach

Schrödinger à la plage - La physique quantique dans un transat de Charles Antoine Edition Dunod, collection A la plage, Mai 2018 - 208 Pages Why has quantum physics changed our view of the world? Born almost a hundred years ago and popularized by the


Algae - Amazing landscapes

Algues - Etonnants paysages, by Denis Lamy and Line Le Gall Editions Delachaux et Niestlé, 4 April 2019 - 192 Pages A historical, scientific and artistic dive into the heart of underwater landscapes. Fantasized since Antiquity, collected since the beginning of the 19th century by naturalists who have not hesitated to

plant intelligence

The intelligence of plants

L'intelligence des plantes, by Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola Edition Albin Michel, April 2018 - 240 Pages Are plants intelligent? Yes, and much more than we could imagine, answers Stefano Mancuso. A world-renowned scientist and founder of plant neurobiology, he is the first to have


Transhumanism: should we be afraid of the future?

Transhumanism: Should we be afraid of the future? by Béatrice Jousset-Couturier - Preface by Luc Ferry EYROLLES Edition, 2016 The word "Transhumanism" first appeared in 1957 in the pen of Julian Huxley, brother of the author "Le Meilleur des mondes", to describe a man who had been a member of the "Transhumanist movement" for more than a century.


The light in the light

La lumière en lumière - Du photon à l'internet - EDP Sciences, February 2016 Published by EDP Sciences on the occasion of the International Year of Light, this book for the general public reveals and exposes the thousand and one facets of light, from everyday objects to astronomy,

quantum physics comics

The mystery of the quantum world

Quantum physics, you know? No ?! Yet it's all around us, in the infinitely small as well as the infinitely large. To pierce the aura of incomprehension that still surrounds this discipline today, there's nothing better than following Bob and his dog Rick in their attempt to "get to the bottom of it".