Interconnected Versailles

Versailles, a stage city of artificial intelligence at the service of collective intelligence

Label d'or in 2016, Versailles Grand Parc and the city of Versailles will host the regional stage of the Interconnectés 2017 season on Wednesday 18 October, from 9am to 5pm. The aim of this stage is to encourage the sharing of experiences, debate on the challenges of innovation and digital technology and the promotion of the diversity of projects in the region, particularly through the hearings for the Label of Innovative Territories.
Ahe Regional Meetings are an important meeting place for exchanging ideas with innovation players in Île-de-France. Also, Versailles Grand Parc and the city of Versailles will be hosting the regional stage of the interconnections on 18 October on the theme "Artificial intelligence at the service of collective intelligence".
On the programme are two interactive forums, with many guests who are specialists in AI:
- Territories and collective intelligence": building new collaborative practices to use AI.
- Artificial intelligence for communities: "Listen or understand, how can AI assist collective intelligence".
Les Interconnectés, a network of innovative territories, is the first national association for the dissemination of digital uses for French local authorities. Every year, the network goes out to meet the territories and brings together local players to discuss the challenges of digital technology for the public sector. On 18 October, the Agglo and the city of Versailles will host the closing stage of IntercoTOUR 2017, the last regional stage before the annual national event: the Lyon Interconnection Forum on 6 & 7 December.
Supported by the Assembly of French Communities (AdCF) and the association France Urbaine, the Interconnectés support the digital transformation of territories. As a forum for dialogue and expertise, the association contributes to the dissemination of innovative uses by providing tools for territorial decision-makers (working groups, publication of studies, identification and enhancement of territorial experiences, networking of local authorities with new technology players).


Morning: Artificial intelligence at the service of collective intelligence
9am - Welcome - Coffee
9:30 a.m.-Opening
François De MazièresMayor of Versailles, President of Versailles Grand Parc
Celine ColucciGeneral Delegate for the Interconnected
The ability of communities to generate collective intelligence and to understand the changes brought about by artificial intelligence are key issues today in terms of efficiency and user services.
Presentation of the theme: Communities facing the challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Collective Intelligence
Bernard GiryDigital and Innovation Advisor, Office of the President, Île-de-France Region
Olivier BerthelotDirector General of Services of Versailles Grand Parc and the City of Versailles
10h15 - Forum 1: Territories and collective intelligence, building new collaborative practices
With the advent of digital technology, communities are experimenting with new forms of work and collaboration within their teams and with citizens. In the same way, open innovation approaches for territorial development are engaging new interactions with all the players in local ecosystems. What are the challenges of this emerging collective intelligence? Can it facilitate the appropriation of artificial intelligence to serve territories? What are some concrete examples? What are the impacts on data analysis and the organisation of services?
  • Didier BaichereMember of Parliament for the 1st constituency of Yvelines
  • Laurent CoussonnetSopraSteria
  •  Yann GozlanCreative Valley, Creative Valley
  • Eric Legale, Issy Media
  • Gaylord Marchesseau, Opendatasoft
  • Philippe VrignaudSGMAP
Animation by Céline Colucci, General Delegate for Interconnected Services
11:30 am - Forum 2: Artificial intelligence for communities: Listening or understanding, how can artificial intelligence assist collective intelligence?
Artificial intelligence seems to be able to respond to strong problems of local authorities: whether by offering predictive analysis solutions, preventive information and real-time guidance to users. It is also a mechanism for the e cient use of data and the link to experimentation and permanent innovation. What are the conditions of appropriation of artificial intelligence for local authorities? What are the challenges in terms of security and data analysis? What are examples of existing and future uses? What funding and collaboration between research, companies/start-ups and territories?
  • Matthieu FrancozDassault, Dassault
  • Dominica BarthUVSQ, UVSQ
  • Aurélien Belhocine, QUCIT
  • Didier CelisseCaisse des Dépôts
  • Pierre Monin, Engie
  • Stephanie MorlandParis Saclay Agglomeration Community
Animation by Sylvain Fievet, President & Publishing Director Alliancy
Cocktail Lunch
14h-18h: Focus on innovations!
Two parallel courses:
14h-17h: Course #OpendataTOUR
Workshop training in the opening of public data in your community
  • Training dedicated to local authorities, led by an OpendataFrance-approved expert trainer.
  • Presentation and explanation of the legal obligations regarding Opendata
  • Toolbox: actors, resources, documentation...
  • Scenario exercise, produce and publish data on my territory
  • Methodology to create an internal dynamic, to initiate the actors & to animate the opening of the data on the territory.
  • Leave with a methodological kit and supports
  • Exercise in reuse situations for internal use in the community
14h-18h: Innovative projects trail
Pitching of candidate projects to the Innovative Territory Label 2017
This label offers national recognition to territorial projects implementing new digital uses. Each project leader will have 15 minutes to showcase their innovation and convince the jury in order to win their place in the final of the innovative territory labels.
Pitching of candidate projects in the interconnected start-ups competition
Location : Hotel de Ville, 4 avenue de Paris - 78 011 Versailles

Versailles Grand Parc, land of welcome for AI actors. A few examples :
WAZE, partner of a prestigious label
The partnership between the Agglomeration and the city of Versailles and Waze gives users real-time access to all the data on roads and works affecting traffic. It was rewarded in 2016 at the Lyon Interconnect Forum by being awarded the Trophée d'or Label Territoire Innovant (Innovative Territory Label) by a national jury of experts, journalists and community leaders. A true consecration for Versailles Grand Parc, this trophy rewards territories that implement projects that mobilize digital technologies and innovative practices to serve their inhabitants.
This is an exchange of data streams. Communities publish data on road disturbances (works, incidents, etc.) in Open Data, which are immediately passed on to Waze and its community of users. Waze, for its part, enables local authorities to know in real time the state of traffic conditions on all the roads in the territory, for greater responsiveness in terms of intervention by public services and information for all users. This partnership is unprecedented in France and has positive repercussions that directly affect the region's inhabitants.
More information on :
VEDECOM, the Institute for Decarbonated and Communicating Vehicles and their Mobility.
Taking up the challenge of tomorrow's mobility is the mission entrusted by the State to VEDECOM. This energy transition institute is committed to becoming a technological centre of reference in terms of autonomous, decarbonised and connected vehicles. VEDECOM is thus committed to innovation in the field of responsible mobility, drawing on multidisciplinary skills. Thanks in particular to the support of the Yvelines Department, the Agglomeration and EPAPS (Etablissement Public d'Aménagement Paris-Saclay), VEDECOM's future premises will be part of the Versailles Satory innovative mobility cluster, currently under construction, by 2018. Since 2015, thanks to connected traffic lights, the streets of Versailles have become the privileged experimentation area for the autonomous VEDECOM vehicle. Winner in 2017 with VEDECOM of the European Autopilot project, Versailles Grand Parc will be experimenting in mid 2018 with a fleet of autonomous twizy car-sharing vehicles for tourists and residents.
More information on :
IFFSTAR, the French Institute for Transport, Planning and Network Science and Technology.
IFSTTAR is a public institution of a scientific and technological nature under the supervision of the Ministries of Environment, Energy and the Sea and of Higher Education and Research. It conducts research and expertise in the fields of transport, infrastructure, natural risks and cities. The aim: to improve living conditions and promote sustainable development. IFSTTAR will also have its place within the Versailles Satory innovative mobility cluster, whose first reception facilities are due to be delivered by 2018.
More information on :
WEEN, the 1st autonomous connected thermostat.
Integrating real-time technology, Ween acts autonomously and is based on three key functionalities: geopiloting, learning lifestyle habits and presence detection. Compatible with all energies, it lowers the temperature as an individual moves away and gradually raises it as he returns. A connected thermostat that also keeps track of the family's habits in order to optimise the week's planning. Containing 19 technological innovations, the Ween patent protects several key algorithms. A decision is made every 10 minutes to act on the heating control.
More information on :

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