Bio-inspirée, une autre approche

À J-1 de la Semaine Européenne de Développement Durable, la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie ouvre les portes de sa nouvelle exposition permanente Bio-inspirée, une autre approche. Le monde vivant est une immense source d’enseignements. Les organismes qui le composent ont développé des savoir-faire pour se protéger, s’adapter à


Jusqu’où pouvons-nous accepter l’extinction des espèces ?

Il ne se passe pas une semaine sans qu’une nouvelle étude nous alarme sur les dégâts que l’homme, les dégradations de l’environnement ou les dérèglements climatiques font peser sur la biodiversité. Le thème de l’extinction des espèces est devenu courant, on parle aujourd’hui de sixième extinction, d’accélération, de fin du


Vers la résilience alimentaire

Vers la résilience alimentaire – Faire face aux menaces globales, à l’échelle des territoires, de l’association Les Greniers d’Abondance – Editions Yves Michel, 15 septembre 2020 – 176 pages Dérèglement climatique, épuisement des ressources, effondrement de la biodiversité, … Dans un contexte de crises systémiques, l’association Les Greniers d’Abondance plaide


Urban planning and biodiversity - Towards a living landscape structuring the urban project

Urban planning and biodiversity - Towards a living landscape structuring the urban project, under the direction of Philippe Clergeau - Edition Apogée, 3 June 2020 - 328 Pages Urban planning is at a turning point in its history. The consideration of nature in the city, and particularly of vegetation, is contributing to the development of the urban landscape.

intensive farming

Covid-19, a disease of the anthropocene and biodiversity

The coronavirus pandemic still raises many questions about its origin as well as its health impacts. Its complexity stems from its entanglement in a human ecosystem in the throes of upheaval: climate disruption, pollution, chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, which aggravate the effects of Covid-19. What's more, the pandemic


Business and Biodiversity, enemies or allies?

Dans le cadre du cycle de Conférences-Actions du Défi Biodiversité, et pendant le confinement, la prochaine Conférence-Action Entreprises et Biodiversité, ennemies ou alliées ? avec Emmanuel Delannoy, le lundi 27 avril à 18h, est maintenue, certainement par visioconférence enrichie. Emmanuel Delannoy, spécialiste du lien entreprises-biodiversité, est notamment l’auteur de « Permaéconomie »


Coronavirus: Are wild animals in danger?

On April 5, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that a tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York City was found to test positive for COVID-19, along with six other tigers and lions, with symptoms consistent with the disease. This detection of the new coronavirus in a wild animal is an important step in the fight against the disease.


Innovations in the service of the oceans

Episode 3 of WWF France's "The Panda Effect" Podcast series has just been released: a new episode entitled "Innovations in the service of the oceans" plunges the listener into the heart of unknown territory since only 5% of the seabed has been explored. Immediate embarkation... and new sound for the first three podcasts.


Men and bees: a necessary and demanding cohabitation

::: 19/03 - As part of the Science and Innovation Breakfast, the Société d'encouragement pour l'industrie nationale is organising a conference on Thursday 19 March 2020, from 9.00 to 10.30 a.m., on the theme "Men and bees: a necessary and demanding cohabitation". Guest: André


Economics explained to humans (or how ecology transforms the economy)

L'économie expliquée aux humains by Emmanuel Delannoy - Preface by Hubert Reeves - Editions Wildproject, March 2020 - 160 Pages " Homo sapiens, dear great bipedal primate endowed with reason, it is to you that I write today. Before going any further, and at the risk of disturbing you, I would like to make you aware of the fact that I am writing to you today.


"Engages" launches its Biodiversity Challenge

The association ENGAGE has just launched the Biodiversity Challenge. Objective? To turn ten medium-sized businesses into "biodiversity pioneers". The launch of the call for applications for the Biodiversity Challenge, initiated on February 26th during the Gilles Boeuf Action Conference, is official! More than 70 people - citizens, journalists, employees, etc. - took part in the event.

Wonder - Matthieu Ricard


Éditions de la Martinière, Éditions de la Martinière, 216 pages, 100 previously unpublished photographs, published on October 10, 2019 A tribute, in text and images, to the beauty of nature and life in all its forms. "To melt into the immensity of the sky, to lose oneself in the




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