Economics explained to humans (or how ecology transforms the economy)

L'économie expliquée aux humains by Emmanuel Delannoy - Preface by Hubert Reeves - Editions Wildproject, March 2020 - 160 Pages " Homo sapiens, dear great bipedal primate endowed with reason, it is to you that I write today. Before going any further, and at the risk of disturbing you, I would like to make you aware of the fact that I am writing to you today.



Vivant, a collective work by Vandana Shiva, Pablo Servigne, Lamya Essemlali, Valérie Cabanes, Jonathan Attias, Sebastien Bohler, Laurie Debove, Gauthier Chapelle, Manuel and Cervera-Marzal - Edition La Relève et la Peste, December 2019 - 200 Pages Civil disobedience, fertile disobedience, protection of the oceans, power of interconnection between species, protection of the


What if the living were anarchic

Et si le vivant était anarchique - La génétique est-elle une gigantesque arnaque ? by Jean-Jacques Kupiec - Edition Les Liens qui libèrent (LLL), October 2019 - 256 pages Would the gene determine the essential physical and psychic characteristics of the individual? In any case, this is what genetics proclaims.


The formidable invisible epic

La formidable épopée invisible d'Isabelle Lacourt Editions Baudelaire, Août 2018 - 88 Pages It is through the path of a progressive awareness that I have learned to consider with gratitude and respect the immense and silent work of the micro-organisms, which carry at arm's length and without failing the project of


The urgency of life

The urgency of the living: Towards a new economy, by Dorothée Browaeys Edition François Bourin, September 2018 - 280 Pages In our accelerating world, the living are in danger. Species collapse, climate change, pollution... How can we stop the destruction of our living environments? The urgency is pushing us to get out

book Axel Kahn

Being human, fully

Etre humain, pleinement by Axel Kahn - Stock Edition, March 2016 Dewi and Eka are true twins born in the southern province of Kalimantan, Borneo. The first one is saved from a terrible fire in which everyone thinks Eka perished. In fact, the latter was


Biotechnology, the promise of life

BIOTECHNOLOGIES, Les promesses du vivant sous la direction de Vanessa Proux (SupBiotech) - Editiond Fyp - November 2015 - 256 P Today, biotechnologies go beyond the scientific framework to penetrate society as a whole. Their transformative power has never been so great and they make it possible to free ourselves from our dependence on fossil fuels.