Gérard Ayache

Director of Publication - Columnist, essayist.
An expert in information and technological change, he began his career in the information department of Antenne 2, then for several years held the position of program advisor and director of studies at France 3. He co-founded and directed the Infometrics Institute, created and managed a group of global communication agencies as well as the Franco-American startup Smartsy.
Gérard Ayache has taught communication and information at the University of Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) and at the Institut Français de Presse (University of Paris II). He is the author of : " Créative Politique ! "UP' Editions, 2014 / "Homo sapiens 2.0 - Introduction à une histoire naturelle de l'hyperinformation", Max Milo Edition, 2008 / "La grande confusion", France Europe Editions, 2006.

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When the forest burns

Panique dans les Landes en flammes où les hectares brûlés se comptent aujourd’hui par milliers, tout comme les personnes déplacées. C’est ici et maintenant en France, mais aussi  en Espagne, Portugal, Grèce, Turquie, Algérie.  Les forêts mondiales connaissent, en ces temps d' »apocalypse de chaleur » comme le dit Météo France, une


Everybody knew. We could anticipate the coronavirus pandemic

The pandemic, which is forcing more than three billion people to remain confined to their homes, seems to have come as a surprise, like a plague fallen from the sky. Most of the leaders of the states that govern us swear by their hearts that this pandemic is a unique, unprecedented, and unprecedented event of a "global nature".

A pandemic of paranoia

A pandemic of paranoia?

Should we be afraid? The coronavirus is the subject of all our conversations, not news bulletins without counting the sick, the dead, the measures taken by this or that government. To stop, if not eradicate, what seems to have become a strange paranoia with unpredictable consequences. Locking up cities, fencing off more

weather and climate

How the climate crisis has become our daily life

For at least forty years, scientists have been alerting the world to the climate crisis. They have long preached in the desert like prophets of bad news. But things have changed. And the year 2019, in particular, has marked a turning point. The climate crisis is now part of our daily lives. Every

Greta Thunberg

The scream

Greta Thunberg's address to the heads of state gathered for the climate summit at the UN on 23 September sounded like a cry. At the age of sixteen, in tears but above all in rage, the girl who has become the symbol of the youth climate movement, has been pushing for a change in the world's climate.


Yellow vests: puzzle-like scattered thinking

What do thinkers think of this singularly eruptive symptom of changing times? Faced with an unprecedented crisis that expresses all the facets of anger, rage and violence, whose new faces, spontaneously appeared in the media, move the French because they talk about their distress.

resignation Nicolas Hulot

Resignation of N. Hulot: ecological incompatibility

Is a Liberal government compatible with ecological, environmental and global issues? Nothing is less certain. Emmanuel Macron had entrusted the most indisputable personality with the mission of irrigating the governance of the State, as close as possible to the heart of power, to the ecological dimension. The resignation of

Facebook Storm

Facebook: a monster out of control?


The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg is used to collecting superlatives. Its users number in the billions, its turnover is astronomical, its data analysis is the most accurate in the world, and so forth. The storm that Facebook is currently going through can only be huge, planetary, apocalyptic. Every

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