Global Insect Collapse: Mobilization Must Accelerate

Thought to be so numerous and resilient that they would survive even a global nuclear conflict, insects are nevertheless disappearing everywhere, threatening to take many other species with them in serial collapses. What can be done about it? These issues are not orphaned, and political mobilization to tackle them is essential.


80 % of European insects have disappeared in thirty years

This is the most massive episode of species extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs. More than half of all insects are disappearing worldwide at an accelerated rate; the hecatomb is reaching the staggering figure of 80 % for Europe. When insects disappear, the entire living chain is affected. No more food

Nicolas Hulot

Nicolas Hulot is working to restore biodiversity

Nicolas Hulot, Minister of State, Minister for Ecological and Solidarity Transition, has made the recovery of biodiversity a key issue in the Ministry's political action, on a par with the energy transition, and invites citizens, organizations and territories to take up this challenge in order to

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